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Denude is an independent printed publication for the honest, intelligent and thoughtful woman, published once a year. Denude analyses fashion, luxury product and modern culture, with a select emphasis on slow fashion. Denude highlights women within the fashion industry who communicate unique and considered messages.  

Denude holds honest conversations with women that represent something permanent in an increasingly fast fashion industry. We discover authentic thinkers and believe in fashion, product, design and style that is thoughtful and beautiful. Denude offers an honest and untethered view on fashion, discovering work that goes beyond trends and is truly uncompromised.

Denude is for the woman who is an innovative thinker, the woman who considers what she is wearing, what she is reading and what she is communicating to the world around her. Denude continually explores the theme of permanency,  in a fast paced society is essential to look to slowed down processes within art, design and fashion.

The Denude woman is fiercely strong, and is highly aware of the world around her and how she can shape it. She is you.

Denude is edited by Laurie Trueman, who lives and works in London.

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